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Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Supported by Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM), MOSTI

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Academic Series

The Academic Series:
To extend our support to students
through sharing of industry
knowledge and insights in
preparation as a future design &
branding professionals.



  • Format : Talk, forum & discussion
  • Duration of session : Approx 2 hours
  • No. of Participants : 30 students
  • Speakers: Industry Experts in Design & Branding Marketing professionals.

Scope or Topics discussions

  • Design: Beyond aesthetics
  • Strategy in Design
  • Design in Branding & Marketing
  • Design in business
  • Understanding consumers
  • How to brief designers / Interpreting a brief

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the CONCEPT of rekanegara.

The overall creative sector is still poorly understood and its potential is not easily quantifiable. The correlation between design, brand and business is very loose, more than often detached - Still a narrow perspective.

Many creative professionals struggle to come to terms with the recognition and appreciation in regards to the value of their creations. Many are hanging in the balance with no direct related body support outside films, multi-media, animation & digital content discipline. Majority is in the support services and in dire need of a champion.

To empower designers through facilitating the process of their biz development with proper industry knowledge, support and guidance.

As a community, we provide a regular platform where industry players and newcomers come together.
There is a time for action. There is also the need to find time to think and plan our strategy.
rekanegara offer a real opportunity for the creative industry players to share their knowledge and vision.
An innovative strategy is required to design a better way for the creative economy to thrive.

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Join us at our next knowledge sharing session with our panel of industry leaders.


Design Futures. Today 

In a branded product, design comes into play by providing a unique and differentiated visual identity. A significant factor to determine the success of a brand in a marketplace where product proposition or offering is at parity. Among others this forum will also discuss the future of design especially during the coming 4th Industrial Revolution and the internet of things.

5 October 2017

Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau (KLTB)

Key Panelists
YBhg Dato' Prof Dr Ahmad Haji Zainuddin (MRM)
Shukri Rifaie (Rekanegara)
Asri Ahmad (Rekanegara)
Prof Graeme Britton (Raffles University Iskandar)

Associate Professor Dr Ruslan Rahim (UiTM)

Free admission and open to public. All are invited!

Awesome events.

rekanegara hosts regular events and get-together for the creative industry players.