Offtakes on the Conversation Ramblings from an Academic Leader

A period of uncertainty, angst and unease. Strange times indeed. But from solitude comes internal reflection; an experience which each and everyone of us has gone through.

These uncertainties also manifests in society. And the fragile creative industry is also caught up in this. Rekanegara’s session Last Sunday affirmed a mutual concern of all who came and attended online.

This is a union of generations; young upcoming designers until captains of the industry. Practitioners and academics. The ambience was one of eagerness to share. As serendipity steps in, an overarching conclusion from that fateful gathering transpired. In order to move forward, there is an inherent need to go cross boundaries.

We must extend our role as designers and go beyond. The age-old conversation between ‘street smarts’ and ‘book smarts’ was also deliberated. But a new realisation that creatives must be for this post pandemic era :- Society & Sustainability-centric. The resolve to make the creative practice an all inclusive one would be the way forward.

Rekanegara has now raised the clarion call to all with this renewed vigour. This year 2020 and beyond will see us extending our sharing well across our shores; both on cyberspace and real world.

Join us.

Ruslan Rahim, PhD
Associate, rekanegara



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